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How to connect to a UIButton ui behaviour event

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UI Behaviour

The behaviours do not work by default to increase overall performance of the system. Thus if you want to use a specific UIBehaviour you need to add it first in the Inspector.

  • PointerEnter
  • PointerExit
  • PointerDown
  • PointerUp
  • PointerClick
  • PointerDoubleClick
  • PointerLongClick
  • PointerLeftClick
  • PointerMiddleClick
  • PointerRightClick
  • Selected
  • Deselected
  • Submit


To connect to a behaviour event from code you need to following:

  • Add the desired behaviour (Pointer Click for example) to the target UIButton
  • Have a reference to the target UIButton
  • The example below shows how to connect to the Pointer Click ui behaviour on a UIButton
using Doozy.Runtime.UIManager;
using Doozy.Runtime.UIManager.Components;
using UnityEngine;

namespace Sandbox
    public class TestClass : MonoBehaviour
        public UIButton MyButton;

        private void OnEnable()
            //Add event listener

        private void OnDisable()
            //Remove event listener

        private void OnPointerClick()
            //do stuff
}Code language: PHP (php)
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