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Toolbar Menu

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  • Dashboard – open Dashboard window


  • UI Menu – open UI Menu window


  • UIDesigner Align – align tools
  • UIDesigner Rotate – rotation tools
  • UIDesigner Scale – scale tools
  • UIDesigner Size – size tools


  • Nody Window – open Nody window (graph visualizer)
  • Create Node – open Create Node window (node creation wizard)


  • Database – refresh components databases
  • UIMenu – refresh the UIMenu
  • Signals – refresh references to all the Signal Providers found in the current project (automated code generator)
  • Reactor – refresh the Reactor presets database
  • Nody – refresh references to all the node types found in the current project (automated code generator); used after a node type is added/removed
  • EditorUI – refresh all EditorUI databases
  • Global Refresh – runs all the refresh methods in the system and regenerated the asmdef files
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