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What is Bindy

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Bindy is a binding system that allows you to connect different components and values together, without the need for complex scripting or programming. It works by creating bindings between different elements in your project, such as UI controls and data values, and then updating those elements automatically when changes are made.

Why use Bindy?

Bindy is a powerful tool that can save you a lot of time and effort in your Unity projects. It is useful for a wide range of use-cases, including UI development, game mechanics, data visualization, and more. Here are some reasons why Bindy is useful:


Bindy’s code was designed to be as efficient efficient as possible, with a minimal performance overhead. This means that it can be used in even in complex and demanding projects, without affecting performance, if used correctly.

Easy to use

Bindy is easy to use, having a simple and intuitive interface that anyone can understand. You don’t need to be an expert programmer or Unity developer to use Bindy effectively.

Single component

Bindy uses a single component, called the Binder, to bind different elements together. This makes it easy to manage and maintain your bindings, without having to worry about complex scripts or code.


Bindy is highly flexible, and can be used in a wide range of different projects and use-cases. Whether you’re building a game, a data visualization tool, or a complex UI system, Bindy can help you connect your different elements together with ease.

Usage Examples

  • Use Bindy to connect a UI slider control to a data value, allowing the user to adjust the value in real-time.
  • Use Bindy to connect a game object’s position and rotation to data values, allowing you to dynamically adjust the object’s position and rotation based on user input or other factors.
  • Use Bindy to connect different UI controls together, allowing the user to interact with them in a seamless and intuitive way.
  • Use Bindy to create complex animations and visual effects, by connecting different elements together and controlling them dynamically.

In summary, Bindy is a powerful and easy-to-use binding system for Unity that can help you connect different elements together in your project, without the need for complicated code or scripting. Whether you’re building a game, a data visualization tool, or a complex UI system, Bindy can help you save time and effort, and create more efficient and flexible projects.

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