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Context Menu

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Right click in the Hierarchy view will bring up the context menu. Doozy UI Manager is made up of several systems that have their own context menu entries structured accordingly.


Reactor context menu options

UI Containers

UI Containers context menu options

UI Components

UI Components context menu options

UI Layouts

UI Layouts context menu options


UIMenu context menu options. The UIMenu system dynamically generates this context menu and this means that whatever you add to the UIMenu, it will also be added here as well.

If you add a new item to the UIMenu (and you see it there) and it does not appear in the Context Menu, you will have to restart Unity. This is due to the way Unity works when creating the Context Menu (it does not always regenerate it as expected when items are added/removed)


Signals context menu options


Mody context menu options


Input context menu options


Nody context menu options

Scene Management

Scene Management context menu options

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