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Version 2.0.0

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Soundy 2.0.0 marks a significant upgrade from the previous version within Doozy UI Manager version 3. This release introduces enhanced capabilities for the Soundy – Audio Management System, now capable of handling both sounds and music in specific and specialized ways.

The major features include the introduction of a Sound Player with dedicated options for playing sounds and a Music Player designed for playing music, including Music Playlists. Additionally, developers now have more control over the inclusion of databases in the build, allowing for customization and optimization. The release also introduces the concept of abstract Audio Player implementation, enabling users to create custom audio players, such as FMOD Audio Player, and utilize them within the system. By default, Soundy employs an Audio Source Player for playing both sounds and music.

The system offers extensive options, including volume, pitch, priority, pan stereo, spatial blend, reverb zone mix, and 3D settings (doppler level, spread, min and max distance) for both sound and music objects.

Key Features

  1. Sound Player and Music Player
    Soundy now includes a dedicated Sound Player for playing sounds and a Music Player designed specifically for playing music, featuring Music Playlists.
  2. Customizable Build Databases
    Developers can now choose which databases are included in the build, allowing for selective inclusion of sound and music assets and preventing unnecessary bloat.
  3. Abstract Audio Player
    Soundy introduces the concept of an abstract Audio Player implementation, providing users with the flexibility to create custom audio players, such as FMOD Audio Player, and seamlessly integrate them with the system.
  4. Volume, Pitch, and Playback Options
    Both sound and music objects offer extensive options for volume, pitch, priority, pan stereo, spatial blend, and various 3D audio settings, ensuring rich and immersive audio experiences.
  5. Sound Object Play Modes
    Sound objects now feature Play Mode options (Sequential, Random, and Random No Repeat) for utilizing multiple audio clips while playing a sound.
  6. Music Playlist and Looping
    Music objects support one audio clip per object, but they come equipped with a Music Playlist component (used by the Music Player) with the same Play Modes, allowing for playlist looping and looping of individual songs.
  7. Transform Target Following
    All sounds and music objects can follow a Transform target while playing, catering to both UI and Gameplay use cases.

API and Ease of Use

Soundy’s API has been designed to be clean and user-friendly, with most functionalities requiring just a single line of code. Users can easily access the SoundyService to interact with the audio system and take advantage of method chaining to effortlessly add custom options before playing a sound or music.

Seamless Integration with Doozy UI Manager

Soundy integrates seamlessly with Doozy UI Manager, featuring dedicated Sound Node and Music Node components readily available for use in any Nody Flow Graph. Additionally, starting from Doozy UI Manager 2023.1.0 and up, the UIContainerSoundyAudio, UISelectableSoundyAudio, and UIToggleSoundyAudio components are activated when Soundy is installed, streamlining the integration process.

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