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Version 4.3.0

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Doozy Dashboard

UITag system

UITooltip system

UIPopup system


UIBehaviour and UIBehaviour. Event shortcuts to all UISelectables.

TriggerValueChanged parameter for all relevant methods in UIToggle and UIToggleGroup.

A secondary stream (streamIgnoreDisabled) to the BackButton class, that sends ‘Back’ button signals even if the functionality is disabled.

A cooldown option for the UIButton and UIToggle components, to prevent the button/toggle from being clicked multiple times in a short period of time.


FlowPort GetValue from Json calling with a null valueType.

BaseUISelectableAnimator possible null reference for the controller’s OnSelectionStateChangedCallback.

CategoruNameIdUtils not adding the default category name ‘None’ and default name ‘None’ when calling RefreshCategories and RefreshNames.

Several editors not unregistering from Unity’s Undo system.


GraphicRaycaster is no longer a required component for UIContainer components.

Progressor database icon.

Editor UI

Fixed EnabledIndicator not resetting its position to relative on Reset.

Various editor fixes across all fluid components.

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