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Version 4.1.4

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UIToggleGroup option to override and control the interactable state for all the connected UIToggles.

An extension method for MoveDirection – Reverse – that returns the opposite direction.

LateUpdate for UISelectableUIAnimator, UIContainerUIAnimator and UIAnimator to get position changes while in a layout group.

FlowGraph OnStart and OnStop unity events


UINode Time Delay not working when set to zero.

UIContainer execution order inside IsHiding and IsShowing coroutines.

UIBehaviourHandler OnRectTransformDimensionsChanged initialization
ReactorUtils checking for a rootCanvas without cause.

UIContainer timing for Show and Hide.

UIContainer from calling InstantShow after a Show.

UIContainer from calling InstantHide after a Hide.

UIAnimationPreset data folder path.


UISelectable OnEnable initialization order.

The way UISelectableUIAnimator, UIContainerUIAnimator and UIAnimator work when in a layout group.

Default values for Reactor EditorFPS and RuntimeFPS to 120.

FlowGraph initialized get property from private to public.

Example 01 to work with the new animators settings and at any aspect ratio.

Tab Layouts prefabs.

Horizontal and Vertical layouts prefabs.

Editor UI

Fluid Animated Contaienr now also updates its container instead of only recalculating its values.

Fixed SimpleModyActionDrawer animated container not clearing when hidden.

Fixed FloatModyActionDrawer animated container not clearing when hidden.

Added a name to the animated container for a ModyActinsDrawerItem.

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