Astra Child

Version 4.2.1

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UIMenuCamera handling option for ReactorControllers.

Categories rename button for in all CategoryNameDatabases.


BaseUISelectableAnimator from triggering double animations in certain use-cases.

UIMenuItemButton not resetting its preview every time the pointer leaves its bounds.

FluidWindows duplicating their content when entering PlayMode (in some cases Unity calls CreateGUI without reason).

Progressor from printing a debug log about its reaction’s heartbeat.

BaseUIContainerEditor missing null check for onStartBehaviourEnumField.

UIContainer and UISelectable animator’s editors from resetting to start values without any animations being triggered beforehand.

CategoryNameGroupWindowLayout not displaying the ‘Empty Database’ placeholder as expected.


UIContainerUIAnimator and UISelectableUIAnimator animation tabs to show move, rotate, scale and fade enabled indicators.

Editor UI

Fixed FluidTab, UIAnimationTab and ColorTab not resetting their size when recycled.

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