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Version 4.1.2

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SetStartColor methods for UISelectableColorAnimator.

SetStartColor,.SetStartColorForShow and SetStartColorForHide methods for UIContainerColorAnimator.


Attached UI animators from getting disconnected OnDisable.

FlowController having Awake, Start, OnEnable and OnDisabled methods triggered when the application is not playing.

FlowController trying to stop a FlowGraph that has not been initialized.

UINode and PortalNode not performing null checks when stopping their listeners.

A typo in the preprocessor directive responsible for the activation of the old input system, from ‘LEGACY_INPUT_MANGER’ to ‘LEGACY_INPUT_MANAGER’.

InputToSignal calling the wrong method (‘GetKeyDown’ instead of ‘GetButtonDown’) when using a virtual button for the old input system.

UIRadialLayout not updating the UI animators attached to its children when the layout values changed.

UI animators not updating the start position when inside a layout group.

SpriteAnimator target finder and initialization.

ColorAnimator target finer and initalization.

ProgressorEditor usage of deprecated ListView code (for Unity 2021 version and up).

Various settings in the example scenes.


The way a FlowController starts a flow, by increasing the start delay. The flow starts at the end of the second frame instead at the beginning of it.

UIContainer InstantToggle and Toggle functionalities. They no longer use a bool parameter and toggle (instant) show/hide according to the visibility state.

Load times for DomainReloadHandler.

Update Bot to regenerate missing asmdef files.

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