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Version 4.9.0

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Added the IsLocked flag to UIToggle, UIToggleGroup, and UITab components to lock the isOn state value, even if the user clicks on the component or the developer tries to change the value.

Added a new option to UIManagerInputSettings to allow setting a custom name for the “Back” button virtual button name when LEGACY_INPUT_MANAGER is enabled.

Added the option to load a Scene directly by reference to both SceneDirector and SceneLoader.


Changed UIContainer to block raycasts at the start of the hide animation (as well as at the end of it) if handle canvas group raycasts is enabled. This was implemented to prevent the user from clicking on an interactable control when the container/view was set to hide.

Changed Doozy Dashboard to Dashboard Hub by making most of its underlying infrastructure completely dynamic.


Fixed UISlider ResetValueOnEnable default value from TRUE to FALSE to preserve backwards compatibility.

Fixed BackButton not unregistering itself from listening to SceneManager.sceneLoaded when Domain Reload is disabled.

Fixed Reflected Values not getting the SetDirty flag set when a new property or field is selected in the editor (in a prefab editor).

Fixed UIContainer animators not properly reversing when triggering Show and Hide in rapid succession (in short intervals while one of the animations – show or hide – was playing).

Fixed MultiplayerInfoEditor looking for a PlayerInput property when the Legacy Input Manager is used.

Fixed UINode HideAllViews not working as expected when Multiplayer mode is enabled and it needs to take into account the player index.

Fixed UIContainer base editor from not displaying the custom start position as expected.

Fixed FluidComponentHeader rotatedIcon margins.

Fixed FluidListView AddItemButton position depending on whether the list view has a vertical scroller visible or not.
Various bug fixes.

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