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Version 4.2.4

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Custom Start Value (color) to all Color Animations.

Display dialogues for all database Refresh buttons to inform the user what the operation does.


SingletonBehaviour from setting the applicationIsQuitting flag to TRUE OnDestroy.

ColorAnimationTab not updating the animation.startColor as expected.

All Color animator editors from overriding the startColor after it has been changed by the developer in the Editor.

SpriteAnimationDrawer using FloatField instead of IntegerField for frame offset and custom frame values.

Progressor null references when resetting to start values after the target object has been deleted.

Sprite Reaction not working when using From and To custom frame.

Progressor allowing circular reference for ProgressorTargets (does not allow targeting itself anymore).

UIAnimator null reference if the object is being deleted while the animation is running.

UIToggle not sending a signal when its value is changed by a UIToggleGroup (via the UpdateValueFromGroup method) (thanks Konstantin).

UIToggleGroup triggering twice ValueChanged whenever isOn changes


UINode canGoBack property to public.

TickService to stop generating GC (thanks OscarLeif).

Editor UI

Fixed FluidRangeSlider not calling onStartValueChange when capturing the pointer.

FluidTab not resetting its indicator as expected.

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