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Version 4.1.0

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Animator Progress Target

AudioMixer Progress Target

Image Progress Target

Text Progress Target

TextMeshPro Progress Target

UnityEvent Progress Target

Signal To AudioSource

Signal to Color Target

Signal to Sprite Target

UIContainer Audio

UIContainer Sprite Swapper

UISelectable Audio

UISelectable Sprite Swapper


InputStream management for custom input actions (thanks to Jirdus)

SetFlowGraph method to the FlowController.

License files for Inter and Ubuntu fonts.

A ‘clear log’ button for the Signals Console.

Compatibility with Play Mode Options.

InputHandling options allowing the system to work with the Input System Package (new Input System) or the Legacy Input Manager (old Input System) or a Custom Input (any 3rd party input solution).

Clear Selected and Auto select GameObject after Show options for containers.

Deselect after Press for all UISelectable components.

Instant Toggle ON and Instant Toggle OFF callbacks for UIToggle and UIToggleGroup.

Example 4 (Toggles) and 5 (Progressors).


Warning in Bezier class for a switch expression that does not handle all possible values of its input type.

Window MenuItem attributes and priorities (requires Unity restart).

Signal not resetting its payload value when pooled or reset.

UIMenu not generating the correct menu path for the context menu and added a regenerate.

UIMenu button to the UIMenuWindow. After install, open the UIMenu, click regenerate and then restart Unity. The restart is needed for Unity to refresh its context menu.

UISelectable executing twice OnClick callbacks and ignoring the active and interactable states.

UIButton not seding the click signal.

UISelectable behaviours connection race condition.

SignalProviders that are added at runtime to persist to edit mode.

Missing units in uss files.

UIMenuUtils to handle menu items without a RectTransform.

Signal Payload sending a message instead of a value when a string value type is sent.

InputToSignal not connecting to the proper InputAction


The execution order in both both IsShowing and IsHiding IEnumerators when updating the visibilityState.

Signals Console and Stream Console row layout. Signal Name switched places with Signal Category.

Editor load times for Nody flow graph, Category Name windows, Reactor Window, UIMenu Window.

UIToggle and UIToggleGroup code to work on a wider base of use-case scenarios.

All relevant animators to have their start position updated with a 2 frame delay, to allow the LayoutGroup to set a new start position.

All prefabs by removing unnecessary Canvas and GraphicRaycaster components.

All toggles with instant toggle ON and OFF callbacks.

Elements in the example scences


OnClickCallback from UIToggle and UIToggleGroup.

Canvas and GraphicRaycaster as required components for UIAnimator, UIContainerUIAnimator, UISelectableUIAnimator.

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