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Version 4.1.5

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UIMenuCamera (for editor use only) – helper class for the UIMenu – creates snapshots and animations for UIMenuItem preview.

Coroutiner – specialized class used to fire Coroutines on a singleton instance.


A new system to handle sprite sheets.

A silent implementations for Sprite animators to auto-reference sprite sheets when using the drag and drop (you can drag and drop a sliced texture and it will reference all the sliced sprites).

New properties to the UIContainer – ‘totalDurationForShow’ and ‘totalDurationForHide’ to get the maximum duration for Show and Hide animations.

Animation Duration setting for UIMenuItem.

UIMenuItemButton OnPointerLeave trigger to reset the preview animation.

A ‘Collapse All’ button to the UIMenu window.

A scale slider to the UIMenu window for all the menu items.

A ‘New Category’ text label to all database windows for a better UX.

Progressor Targets to the Progressor component; this allows a Progressor to update the progress of other (target) Progressors when activated.

Show, Hide and Show/Hide Progressors options for every UIContainer.


DomainReloadHandler from running if PlayModeOptions are not enabled.

UIBehaviourHandler calling ForceRebuildLayoutImmediate from OnValidate.

UIContainer initialization and Show/Hide sequencing.

Progressor Play not resetting the reaction to the start value (depending on the play direction).

Database windows from giving null reference exceptions when used as tabs and switching to and from Play Mode.


UIContainer disable gameobject delay from 1 to 3 frames.

UIContainer RunBehaviour to have 2 frames delay when calling Show (this fixes issues when the container is inside a LayoutGroup, as it allows for the horizontal and vertical to get calculated).

All animated graphics inside EditorUI from a micro-animation to a sprite sheet.

Various changes to adapt to the new sprite sheet system.

UIMenu Item Button design to adapt to the new scale slider.

Moved RectTransformExtensions from ‘Doozy.Runtime.UIElements.Extensions’ to ‘Doozy.Runtime.Common.Extensions’.

UIMenu Window to have a better workflow and UX.

All native prefabs to a unified design schema.

Quick links inside the readme text file.

Example 01 and Example 02 to work with sprite sheets.

Various editor code structure and functionality to improve performance and UX.

Various runtime code descriptions to improve UX and to better explain functionalities of fields, properties, methods, and classes.

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