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Version 4.8.0

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New Components

Orientation Detector
Progressor Group


UISlider default value and reset OnEnable options to the component’s editor.

SyncContext to allow calling things from different threads and running them on the main Unity thread.

OnToggleAddedCallback, OnToggleRemovedCallback and OnToggleTriggeredCallback to the UIToggleGroup component
UI Settings to the Settings tab in the Dashboard.

Use Orientation Detection to the global UI Settings (in the Dashboard).

Target Orientation to the UIView component (visible and usable only if the Use Orientation Detection is enabled).

A ‘Handle CanvasGroup Block Raycasts’ option for the UIContainer (and UIView) to allow toggling this functionality on/off.

OnStart, OnStop, OnPause, OnResume, OnBackFlow events to both the FlowGraph and FlowController.

ControllerBehaviour for OnEnable and OnDisable to the FlowController, to Start, Stop, Pause or Resume the flow graph.

Don’t destroy on scene change switch to the FlowController (this already existed, but was not exposed in the editor)


Doubling of the API, Manual and YouTube buttons in the SignalListeners editors

SetSelectedGameObject, when the old input system is enabled, to select the target selectable (instead of the UIContainer gameObject).

UISelectable cooldown to stop executing UIBehaviours if cooldown is running.

UISelectableAudio from stopping a state sound from playing when the next activated state does not have an audioClip referenced
ProgressorId enum generation.

UIContainer calling Show and then Hide, in the same frame or the next, and failing to hide.

UIClock editor time zone selector from resetting.

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