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Version 2023.1.0

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Updated Systems

Bindy 1.1.0 (Pro Only)
Soundy 2.0.0 (Pro Only)
Signals 2.0.0
EditorUI 1.1.0


UIContainer now includes the methods InstantShowHide(bool show) and ShowHide(bool show), providing users with the ability to trigger either show or hide actions based on a boolean value, enhancing UI flexibility.

DelayedCall has been expanded with new chainable methods (Start, SetDelay, OnStart, OnUpdate, OnFinish, OnCancel, ClearOnStart, ClearOnUpdate, ClearOnFinish, ClearOnCancel, ClearAllCallbacks), making it more versatile and allowing for more precise control over delayed calls.

The Color extensions have been enriched with new methods: SetAlpha, FromHEX, and ToHEX, offering enhanced color manipulation capabilities.

String extensions now include additional functionalities: Colorize, Bold, Italic, and CleanName, providing more options for formatting and processing string data.

Flow Nodes now include a “Paused” state and callbacks (onPaused and onUnPaused), along with virtual methods (OnPaused and OnUnPaused), enhancing flow control within the system.

The Doozy UI Manager automatically adds the DOOZY_UIMANAGER scripting define symbol when included in the project, streamlining integration.

The new class BaseUISelectableAudio has been introduced to handle complex use-cases for triggering audio in response to a UISelectable’s state change, serving as the base class for all audio components that react to UISelectable events.

Soundy integration has been extended with the classes UIContainerSoundyAudio, UISelectableSoundyAudio, and UIToggleSoundyAudio, providing seamless audio integration with Soundy. Note that Soundy must be installed in the project for these classes to function properly.


The SingletonBehaviour now better handles the OnApplicationQuit event by using an IsQuitting flag to respond accordingly, ensuring proper cleanup and resource management.

The UpgradeBot has been updated to accommodate new use-cases, enhancing its functionality and compatibility.

Nody automated generators for search and views have been improved to better account for custom nodes, enhancing overall usability.

All context menus have been consolidated under Doozy instead of being scattered throughout Unity’s context menu, providing a more organized and accessible experience.

Several components and classes, including SyncContext, FlowGraph, RuntimeTicker, and BackButton, have been updated to account for the applicationIsQuitting flag, improving stability and performance.

UINodeView from blocking connections to any button that has the name ‘Back’. This will allow creating different back-flows.

UINode output connection to allow a ‘Back’ button connection and allow setting a custom ‘back flow’ navigation.


The UIToggleGroup has been fixed to update its toggles correctly when changing the isOn value from code.

DefineSymbolsUtils has been updated to use non-obsolete methods, ensuring compatibility with Unity 2023 and later versions.

DelayedCall has been fixed to trigger properly, resolving issues related to EditorApplication.timeSinceStartup.

The “Manual” button for all Nody nodes now correctly points to the documentation website.

The DoozyDashboardWindow no longer experiences visual issues with the title and icon when opened in collapsed mode.

FindObjectsOfType has been replaced with FindObjectsByType to ensure compatibility with Unity 2023 and newer versions, as the former has been made obsolete.

SetStyleBackgroundScaleMode has been updated to use the non-obsolete unityBackgroundScaleMode style option implementation, addressing compatibility with Unity 2022 and later versions.

FlowGraph not having a functional Restart method.

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