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Version 1.1.0

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Bindable now supports ScriptableObjects as acceptable binding targets, allowing users to bind objects that do not need to be attached to game objects. This feature is particularly beneficial for assets that are used solely for data storage purposes.


If a Bindable has its connection type set to “Receiver,” its Ticker will no longer start automatically. This change is aimed at providing users with more control over the Ticker’s behavior in certain scenarios.

Users can now bind both read-only and write-only properties. Such properties are labeled with “(read-only)” and “(write-only)” in the selector search box, offering increased flexibility in binding properties with varying access levels.


Resolved an issue where binding a Bindable to a field and subsequently changing the binding to a property would result in a NullReferenceException. This issue also occurred when binding a Bindable to a property and then changing the binding to a field. The fix ensures smooth transitions between different types of bindings.

Adjusted the BindyValue validation and added an Initialize call to the BindyValueDrawer to prevent false positives, ensuring more accurate validation and error handling.

The SetConnectionType method inside Bindable has been fixed to properly set the given value, resolving any issues related to connection type settings not being applied correctly.

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