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Version 2.0.0

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Introducing a new feature that allows users to obtain a SignalStream using a dynamically generated enum called SignalId. This enhancement offers greater flexibility in handling signals within the application.

SignalStream now has AddOnSignalCallback and RemoveOnSignalCallback that automatically add/remove callbacks to/from the OnSignal UnityAction.


SignalSender has been relocated from Doozy.Runtime.Signals to Doozy.Runtime.Signals.Components. This change is aimed at improving the organization and structure of the signal system, making it more intuitive for developers to work with.

The SignalToAudioSource component has been moved from Doozy.Runtime.UIManager.Audio to Doozy.Runtime.Signals.Components. This relocation streamlines the audio-related signal functionalities, ensuring a more cohesive and efficient signal management system.

SignalsService is now a partial class to allow injecting methods to get a SignalStream via dynamically generated SignalId enums.

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